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*Attention All Undergrad Students Who Switched Programs Part-Way*

Hi undergraduate students!   I’m very curious about those of you who decided to switch programs part-way! I’m sure it must’ve been a difficult decision and I would love to hear you reasoning for switching! I’m currently collecting data for a project so that students don’t regret the program they invest a lot of their money and time in to find out it’s not for them. If you’re more curious about what I’m working on, feel free to reach out to me! My email is Here are some things I’m curious about if you would like a framework:
  1. Which school and/or program did you switch to? Where were you originally attending
  2. What influenced your switch? What is the academics? Social Life? School Culture? Reputation of School?
  3. What were some of the obstacles you faced when you realized you wanted to switch?
  4. *Would you have gone back and done more research about your program options at the time you applied? What would you have done differently?
I would really love to hear the story you have to share 🙂      

5 Answers

  1. I personally didn’t switch, but the general reason that students change their majors is because they find that the course content doesn’t align with their academic abilities. Again, broad stroke, but it’s much more commonplace in STEM, especially fields like math, computer science, and engineering where the work is highly rigorous and demanding.

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  2. All undergraduate students are fully equipped with the facilities for success. The programs of the study and are implemented for the dial paths for all offers. The game is played for the host of nature for all students.

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  4. A ton of their cash and time in to discover it’s not for them. In case you’re more inquisitive about what I’m dealing with, don’t hesitate to contact me! By :

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