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Are these considered hard courses?

Hi guys, I just picked my courses for Grade 12 a few months ago. I have
  • english
  • adv functions
  • religion
  • bio
  • chem
  • int. business
Are these considered hard? What are the courses like? And if so, how do I make sure I pass? I have test anxiety and I blank out, and get easily distracted while studying.

7 Answers

  1. I wouldn’t necessarily consider adv functions. bio and chem hard, however in comparison to other high school courses they are more difficult. For chem, the first two units are memorization and don’t really involve any calculations, while the other 3 units involve calculations, however they aren’t complex at all. For bio, from my experience it was basically all memorization. Advanced Functions is more so understanding the concept and being able to apply it to an application/question, just practice a lot and you’ll be fine. English is basically gr 11 but you read more books. Overall, to ensure you pass just put effort into your assignments, tests, essays etc. and practice problems (mainly for math)

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  2. I mean, not really. That’s a typical courseload for many students in gr. 12. Also, you have two spares meaning you’re taking less than what the majority of high schools are burdened with. I would be more concerned about excelling than merely passing if your intention is to pursue tertiary schooling. If you have issues staying focused, then you should probably seek professional counselling with a psychologist, as this is a personal impairment.

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  3. I agree with the above. You need to seek out professional help immediately. While yo may not think this is an issue in high school, you’ll struggle a lot in university and that can really mess up your life. Uni is not free and you’ll be spending a lot of time and tens of thousands of dollars once you get there. The stakes are real. Get professional help to handle any mental health issues you have NOW in high school, or you are going to struggle a lot later in life when things get more challenging. Finally, if you can’t keep up with 6 courses in a 10 month high school period, you will struggle a lot in university where you are expected to handle 10 courses in an 8 month university year. High school math and sciences is a joke compared to university, so if you struggle in these courses at the high schooler level, I would not pursue them in uni.

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