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Are my courses too heavy, if so can someone pls tell me and also recommend lighter courses.

Hey there, I was wondering if my courses for grade 11 are too heavy, and if so, would like some recommendations!! Pls respond asap, it would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!!   These are my courses:
  • Pre-AP english
  • pre-AP chemistry
  • pre-AP bio
  • physics
  • Communication tech yearbook
  • pre-AP functions
  • grade 12 AP advanced functions
  • grade 12 religion or grade 12 kiniesology (I’m still deciding between which I should take)

12 Answers

  1. if you’re looking to lighten your course load, do NOT take kin… hardest course ever at least at my school.

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  2. If you’re planning on going the STEM route, then this is a pretty standard courseload. Three sciences and two maths is what many prospective science, engineering students take. Why would you take religion? Are you in a Catholic school or something?

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  3. I agree it is a standard course load. Not heavy , many kids do three or four APs in grade 11. To be competitive for the best programs I would add humanities (History or Philosophy). Do you really need to have Communication tech yearbook as a class? Can you just volunteer for it?

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