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Applying to UToronto; Can I apply to multiple campuses? How many minors, majors, and specialists am I allowed to take at once?

I want to take Criminology, Law, and Society (only at Mississauga), Criminology & Sociolegal Studies (only at St. George), and Mental Health Studies (only at Scarbrough), which are all part of the same discipline, at University Of Toronto. Am I allowed to be in a program from one campus and another from another? How many programs am I allowed to take at once in general?

3 Answers

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  2. Now, I'm not 100% sure, I'm only a student. I have a hunch since your degree is given out by the campus/college you're at, you can't combine programs from different campuses. I'm at, and to graduate you need 1 specialist OR 2 majors OR 1 major and 2 minors. But you can have up to three different programs so you can even do a double specialist, a specialist and a minor, etc. I agree with the other poster; these programs are not too different. There are SO many courses to chose from, so if you want to take some psych courses and criminology and sociology and law all at the same time, you can. You can even do something like criminology major and psych/soc minor, etc. Trust me, you will be fulfilled by the amount of courses that is offered there is no need to try to mix up the campuses, the degrees will end up very similar. I also should note first year is super general so that'll be the same no matter where you go.

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