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Applying to Physical Sciences Mcmaster

So i plan on applying to physical science programs at mcmac and ive taken all sciences even though only phys&chem are required..honestly im not sure why i took biology but im finding it kind of hard so i wanted to ask; would a low 80s be fine for this? i know mac cutoff is like 82-85 so im scared that biology will bring it down or can anyone who has gotten into the program tell me what they got accepted with? thank you

5 Answers

  1. What do you want to do with this degree? There are no job prospects in this field without further schooling. Biology is a requirement for the program and you will have to take biology courses and learn concepts in the program. Getting in is the easy part. If you find high school bio difficult, you may want to reconsider pursuing this in university –

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  2. Are you only taking 6 grade 12 subjects? Will Biology be in your top 6? What major are you thinking about declaring for Level II?

    Of all the science gateways/programs at Mac, Chem/Phys is probably the easiest to get into due to lower demand. The hardest gateway science program to get into is Life Sci because so many students apply to it (because they all want to go to Med School and got rejected from Health Sci). Far fewer students apply to Chem/Phys as they only see it as a gateway program for Chemistry, Physics, or Earth Sciences. The truth is that the gateway programs at Mac are deliberately flexible. If you take the right courses you’ll be eligible for many different Level II programs. In any case it makes the average required to get into Chem/Phys lower but I’m not sure an overall average in the low 80’s will be enough. You could try asking Mac Admissions to see if you would be competitive.

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    • hi thanks for replying, im taking 9 12u courses 2 of which are done so biology will definitely not be in my top 6…but im a bit confused if the university will see all my courses and if it would make a difference that i did well in biology even if it wasnt required for admission, or if its just my top6 including required courses (which there are 5) that they see and want (my school has yet to explain how things will go this year). im going to try for a mid to high 80s for my overall average though
      as for the major in the program i was thinking about chemistry. but i know that even for admissions if biology is not a required science if youre taking physchem, it will be unavoidable in university so thats why im concerned so like someone above mentioned i will try to research some more about other program options
      thank you: )

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