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Apply for Mcgill,Waterloo and Alberta?

  1. Hy guys!Here is the thing,I gonna apply for cs next year since I forgot to apply this year.My target schools are Mcgill,Waterloo and Alberta,my grades are below:
Eng4U 79 SPH4U 93 MDM4U 96 MCV4U 95 MHF4U 95 BBB4M 97 Av:92.5 Plz tell me which one is easy to be accepted!! By the way,I heard that the coop programs in loo are ssso competitive and difficult to get in,its like only the top 10% students can get a seat. And I wonder ,if dont consider coop,these three universities which one you guys will recommand? Thanks alot!!!

4 Answers

  1. I have a question and need some help from you, can you please tell me and give me tips on how you were bale to get a 95 in advanced functions and a 95 in calculus please?

    Thank you in advance

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  2. I don’t think you will get McGill even though your average is great your English mark will prevent you since they need an 84. But I think Waterloo and university of Alberta your average seems quite competitive tog et in. You should also think of doing University of Toronto, or even Ryerson for computer Science. I think you will get into whichever school you want unless its McGill. But good luck.

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