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AP classes?

If my school offers AP classes but I dont take any, will that look bad when I apply for university? Also I want to go into health sciences or engineering possibly at McMaster, Waterloo, UofT etc., will taking AP classes be beneficial?

2 Answers

  1. AP is only beneficial if you get a 1.1x multiplier added to your grade, but it’s also a higher workload so you may still end up with a lower mark than if you took the regular 4U/M equivalent. Also, you can save some money and time if you score a 4 or 5 on the AP exam and get a first year transfer credit. But no, it’s optional. They won’t care if you take AP for Canadian schools.

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  2. AP classes can be beneficial in helping you transition to university since you will have already covered most of the course material and it will be review for you, but that only applies if you can do well in the courses. If you end up with a lower grade than in the regular U course it won’t be of benefit since when applying universities will only see the equivalent 4U course code. They won’t know (or care) that it was an AP class. I would also recommend caution in accepting transfer credit for any AP course that is equivalent to a course that is mandatory for your intended major.

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