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Anyone studying at UBC or UofT? What was the admission process in grade 12? Can a student with a 85 average even stand a chance?

Ubc UofT

3 Answers

  1. You realize that it depends on the program you’re applying to, right? There isn’t a universal cut-off.

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  2. UBC’s admission process is different from UofT’s and all Ontario Universities. You would apply to UofT (like all Ontario universities) through OUAC and it is strictly mark based. Only certain UofT college applications , which comes after acceptance into your program. There are mandatory essay questions to apply to UBC that is suppose to make the admissions process more holistic for people with strengths other than academics. Also in UBC you apply to a faculty for admission: Arts, Buisness, Science etc. At UofT you are applying to one program such as Computer Science.

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    • Most programs at U of T are not direct entry. For most programs you are admitted to a faculty and then you declare your major in the spring of first year. Even direct entry programs like engineering and comp sci have POST requirements (i.e. you have to have a certain GPA in the first year prerequisite course(s) for your intended major in order to continue).

      OP it will depend on both the program/faculty you apply to and the campus. St. George for U of T and Vancouver main for UBC will require higher averages than UTM, UT Scarborough, or UBCO. Engineering/Commerce/Computer Science will require higher averages than Arts/Social Sciences. Having said that both U of T and UBC take a ton of first year students meaning that the entrance requirements to get in are often less competitive for general programs. Where the wheat gets separated from the chaff is in first year with relatively high drop out rates but they are giving you a chance to prove yourself.

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