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Anyone interested in starting petition to lower tuition for fall university semester?

Hi, I just saw that my university is charging the exact same price for the courses per term, even though its being held online, and was very dissapointed and frustrated. The fact is, with classes being held online, the administration costs will be cut down drastically. Students will not need to access services in the campus so costs should be cut down drastically. I am interested in starting a petition, becuase I know many people have been impacted financially and simply will not have the means to attend unless the tuition decreases. please let me know if you are interested or what other things we can do as students.

3 Answers

  1. LOL. That’s never gonna happen. If you don’t want to attend classes in the midst of the pandemic, then just defer. They aren’t going to lower prices just because the courses are being taught online. For reference, online courses cost the exact same as in-person classes at every university. It’s not going to be cheaper just because the delivery method is different. If you don’t like it, don’t enrol, it’s that simple.

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  2. Why are administration costs going to be cut down drastically? There is far more to administration than the student pub, the gym, and the library. Most administration activities are engaged in the running of academic and research activities as well as providing student support services which will continue. The majority of the services that you are talking about that will not be available are paid for via ancillary fees not tuition and they are a drop in the bucket in terms of costs. It’s most likely that those fees will be reduced anyway. The tuition you will be paying is already highly subsidized and on-line courses do not cost less to offer at brick and mortar institutions. Quite the contrary there are going to be greater technology costs and professors/lecturers/T.A.’s still need to be paid. While it is true that some students are being negatively financially impacted that’s why there is CERB and CESB and additional OSAP. As it stands you don’t even know what classes are going to be like in the fall so it is premature to be saying they will cost less to run and so you should get a discount.

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