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Anyone get into Queen’s science program or McMasters

im scared that I’m not going to get into Queen’s science or mcmasters life science program. Last semester my average was an 86, I had to redo a courses because I didn’t like my mark in it, I redid advanced function and got a 90 I had a 57, in bio I got an 87 and English I got an 80. Second semester I have calculus, chemistry and kinesiology, I’m hoping to get 80-83 in calculus, 93 in chem and 96-97 in kinesiology. Did anyone get into Queen’s science program and if so what average? I’m scared that I won’t get in! I’m aim for my total average to be a 87-89. Thank you!

4 Answers

  1. I got accepted to Queen’s Science in December with a 94% average. An 87-89% should be enough to get admitted but you will have to wait until they receive your second semester mid-term marks.

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  2. Lol, and do you think it matters where you do a useless undergraduate science degree? I know someone who went to Ryerson for biomedical science and is now in U of T’s medical school. I know others who went to U of T, McMaster, and Queen’s for sciences, were just average students, and now work as customer service reps and financial advisors. I’d be more worried about actually doing anything useful with this degree. If you can’t get the marks in high school, you’re not going to do very well in university. A life science degree with average marks will literally get you nowhere.

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    • How is that remotely related to the OP’s question? The OP didn’t ask your opinion as to their choice of degree nor did they say that they had to attend Queen’s or their life would be over. They asked if they had a chance of being admitted. You know absolutely nothing about the OP (or me for that matter). Also there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a customer service rep or a financial advisor. These are excellent jobs with plenty of opportunity for advancement for motivated individuals. You might want to check your arrogance and examine why you feel the need to run people down (and don’t tell me your just trying to give the OP a reality check).

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  3. I got into Queen’s science gateway and my first semester average was a 86. I haven’t get into Mcmaster life science though

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