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Any tips for doing calculus online?

I decided to do online summer school in august for Calculus and Vectors. I already took the course in day school but I did not get the mark I need for my program. What are some tips you can give me to succeed in MCV4U (calculus and vectors) online? What online schools would you recommend? How hard was it understanding the material and what was your overall experience like? Thank you in advance.

1 Answer

  1. If you’re in Ontario, then Virtual High School is the best online private school you can trust. They charge lower than basically any other online school (500$ per credit) and you can usually pay that off by working part time if your parents don’t want to spend on it after a month’s work.

    Taking any mathematics course online really depends on how you do math in general. For some, they like the format, but for others, they lack the teacher-student interaction and that makes it harder for them to learn. Note that online courses, especially VHS, work very differently from day school courses. They are usually self-paced and you may choose to only attend classes and do the coursework on weekends, or only on certain weekdays. If you do online to get a credit with limited time, you’re going to be VERY busy considering it’s a STEM-related subject. You get the credit faster, but it’s hard work that matters.

    Obviously, if you only need to pass the course in order to get the credit as a prerequisite for something, then that’s a different story. If you need the course for universities to look at, then you’re going to have to work as hard to make it show. In your case, since you’re redoing a course online for a better mark, you can be sure that universities will not look as highly on that. They don’t mind the fact that you did it online, they mind the fact that you’re retaking the course.

    I personally did grade 11 functions online in order to get the prerequisite last summer, and the fact that you can work at your own pace helps a lot. You can take four days off but then need to work your ass off for the other three. Classes and assessments all take place according to your personal schedule, which is the greatest benefit I enjoyed in online private schooling. The only thing to worry about is the difficulty of the material and the fact that it’s in an online format. The exam will be IMPOSSIBLE to do if you’re not prepared.

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