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Another typical “can I get in” question for Waterloo CS/Engineering

Here are my grades: (1) Grade 11 top 6 average: 97.5 (2) Projected Grade 12 top 6 average w/o English: 97.16 (3) Projected Grade 12 top 6 average w/ English: 95.33 The reason why the average for (3) is -significantly- smaller than (2) is because grade 12 English currently isn’t doing so well because of a very difficult teacher who doesn’t really teach the content. I’m projecting an 85 in the course, with high-mid 90s in every other relevant course for the two programs. Here are my extracurricular activities/volunteering: – Piano for 10 years (RCM) and won a music composition contest – Currently playing in the school band – Some tutoring experience in grade 11 with Math – Running a club based on S.T.E.M. at school – In the process of teaching myself Python (still a beginner) – Will be taking the Euclid contest (expecting a 50-60, which I know is low)

8 Answers

  1. Extensive ECs and near 100% average and you want random internet strangers to predict your chances?

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