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Am I Admitted?

I Got an email from the Humber residence telling me that they had received confirmation that I’d gotten an offer from Guelph-Humber and to apply to residence but when I go to check OUAC I still only have my one current offer and not any new ones, not sure whats up and its been kinda hard navigating the Guelph-Humber system as its admissions is seemingly integrated into three different websites with no distinct one that shows its acceptances. Has this happened to anyone else? Is OUAC just slow on the receiving the offer? Am I even actually admitted? Kinda stressing about it.

4 Answers

  1. Call admissions. Why post this question instead of directly contacting the school?

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  2. You do realize that it takes awhile for all the platforms to synchronize together, right? It’s not an instantaneous process. There are multiple parties involved. Give it a few business days before you tie up their phone lines due to your impatience.

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  3. Hey! It takes about 3-4 business days for your offer to show on OUAC and about a week for your offer to be mailed out 🙂

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