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After graduating from High School, can I go back and take University courses?

I was interested in going to University instead of College after I graduate from Grade 12 but I only took college level courses for my upcoming Grade 12 year. 

Is it possible for me to do another year dedicated to University level courses in high school after I graduate? Or will I have to take a two year college program in order to go to university? I’m in Ontario by the way. 

2 Answers

  1. If you're not in Grade 12 yet, you could try and talk to your guidance department. If you took university level courses in Grade 11, you should be able to take them in Grade 12. If not, you can go talk to guidance about doing a 5th year just to take university level courses.

    There's also Adult Learning programs as anon said. If nothing else works out, you can try to enroll in these. 

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