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Advice on long distance relationship in university!

Is it possible to keep up a relationship when you and your significant other go to different universities and will be hours apart?   My boyfriend and I are in grade 12 and have been together for a while in highschool, however, we want to go to completely different unis (5 Hours apart) Is the relationship worth keeping? Or should we just end it before uni to allow us to have that fresh new experience and meet new people? Anyone have any advice/experience with dating someone who ended up going to a different university? Share you stories! I’d love to hear them.

12 Answers

  1. Why in the world you want to be in a relationship with him if you can't f*ck everyday? You're obviously going to run into some dude on campus sooner or later that you're gonna want to have in between your legs. Just cut it off and start new.

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  2. It is possible, but very difficult. Almost all of the long distance couples I know in university have broken up. If you want to stay together, it is important that both of you talk about your expectations and make a plan for when you will close the distance and be together again. Make sure you don't make each other the center of your social lives at university for the first few weeks at least. It is important to go out and make friends while everyone is doing so as you want a support network close to you.
    Personally, I broke up with my high school boyfriend shortly after moving away to college  because our lives were moving in different directions (i.e. we would be long-distance for the foreseeable future). It allowed us to both fully immerse ourselves into our respective university lives and by breaking up early on, before any fights could start happening, everything stayed amicable.
    That being said, only you can know whether your relationship is worth keeping. I don't know what your relationship is like. It's a conversation you need to have with your boyfriend.

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  3. The fact that you're even asking this question tells me that it's not a serious relationship. You should end it. If I loved someone and was in a relationship with that person, I wouldn't let distance be the cause of separation EVEN before we had the chance to see where it went. There are couples living in separate countries (due to school and work) who are still maintaining their relationships and seeing each other when they can. Compromises have to be made if a relationship is to work out. The reason that long distance relationships are difficult for young people is that they're immature and can't handle the separation. A lot of these people need the constant coddling and texting from their partners. Mature relationships don't need that and very few relationships in high school and undergrad are really that mature.
    If your relationship is mainly physical, or one/both of you are really immature, then it's unlikely to work out unless you really love one another. It doesn't sound like it from your post so you should think about ending it. 

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  4. My boyfriend goes to Waterloo while I'm in grade 12 currently, we were in the same high school but he was a year older. YES. IT'S HARD. Because you both will have different routine, time, etc. but really honestly at the end of the it's easy. IM HAVING A HARD TIME deciding do i want to attend Waterloo next year or another university? This year of me being in 12 and him being in uni is basically the test

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  5. Test the waters. There is nothing wrong with seeing if it works. At least that way at the end of the day there's no regrets

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  6. Depends on how long you've been dating already and whether both of you will have enough time to devote to each other each evening, for example. It is a challenge, of course, but what relationship does not include working on it?

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  7. To be honest, I don’t believe in distance relationship because I had a negative experience with it. It is much easier to find a hot girl on and enjoy your life. This is too early for serious relationships now. Let’s relax.

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