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Advice Needed for Taking a Gap Year!

Hi everyone, I’m going through some last-minute decisions about my next steps for uni and I was hoping to get some advice/info about what I should do. So, I applied for uni this year, and unfortunately, the only schools that I got into were my backups which I didn’t really want to go to in the first place. Now I’m stuck with going to this one school that I don’t want to go to because it’s my only choice. I’ve been waitlisted for some of the schools that I wanted to go to so there’s still hope but time’s ticking and I have to accept an offer on June 1st. I was thinking that I should either defer or cancel my offer and take a year off to improve my bio mark from this year online. Then by the time I apply, my average will be a lot better since I redid bio AND it’ll show my final marks from all of grade 12 (since I’ve been doing pretty good now ever since school went online). With those marks, I could apply again to the schools that I was waitlisted at and most likely get accepted this time because my average will be a lot higher. Anyway, that’s my plan. However, if I end up hearing back from one of the waitlists this summer, then I’m ditching the plan and accepting that offer. Any advice on what I should do?

2 Answers

  1. I mean, this entirely depends on what schools and programs you were accepted to and which ones you were rejected to. If it’s just one course, then it may not be worth spending an entire year on it, but yeah, totally depends on what your future plans and career goals are.

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  2. Given that at a minimum the fall semester for universities is going to be mostly online (and possibly the winter semester as well) it might not be a bad plan to do a victory lap if you really don’t like your current options. I would double check what policy the schools you are hoping to be accepted to have regarding repeat courses though.

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