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Advanced functions mark?

Hi, I have a 93 in advanced functions right now (mid-terms) and I want to get it to a 97 by the end of the course. Is it possible to bring my mark to a 97 if I consistently get high marks on my upcoming tests? (sorry if I’m aiming high, it motivates me). I usually mess up on form and got max 2 marks off the total in my unit tests and just recently I messed up on one test, losing 4 marks which bought my average down. Each test is worth 8.75% of my grade and there are 8 units-making it 70% of my final grade. The 30% is the final exam.

3 Answers

  1. If you get 100 in all future tests, then sure. How realistic do you think that is? You do the math.

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  2. If you can get 97% in Advanced Functions surely you are capable of calculating whether or not it is possible to raise your mark from a 93%. It’s just basic percentages.

    If your final is 30% (culminating + final) then your term mark is 70%. Midterm doesn’t necessarily mean that you already have 50% of your mark. Many teachers weigh the second half of the course higher than the first but it all depends on how many marks you have already and how many more to go. If you assume that your midterm mark is worth 40% then 93%x.4 = 37.2% of your final mark. You want a 97 so 97-37.2=59.8 but this represents 60% of your mark so you wold need 59.8/.6=99.67%.

    Do you think you can get 100% for the rest of the semester including your final exam and culminating project? If so then yes it is possible but I find it highly doubtful. At most you can probably expect to raise your mark 1-2%.

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