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hi, i am in desperate need of some help. So i just finished advanced functions in day school and got a very low mark of 70%. However, I am considering taking it again second semester at virtual school to upgrade. However, second semester I will also be taking calc and vectors in a private school.   Meaning i will have 5 courses in one semester. Please let me know if this is a good idea. As well I am trying to get in business programs such as wilfred laurier, ryerson, queens, etc. I predict that I can get around 90% in calc and 90%+ in all my other courses. However advanced functions is really dragging me down   Would it be a struggle to taking advanced functions online and calc in private school along with 3 other courses in da school (international business, accounting  etc)   I also want to go into waterloo and uot, but i know they look down on repeated and priv . online courses

4 Answers

  1. That’s terrible, tbh. You’re going to lose so much sleep from taking a full courseload plus private school/virtual school on the side. Also, if you’re struggling with math at the high school level, it wouldn’t be the wisest idea to go into business since you’ll likely struggle with the math required there. Perhaps consider another route, or go into a qualitative-oriented business program like marketing or human resources.

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  2. One math course alone is already pretty hard to handle, so I’d recommend dropping one of Advanced Functions and Calculus and focusing on just one of them, depending on the requirements of the programs you want to get into. Good luck!

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  3. I have a friend who’s doing 6 courses lol, and I’m doing 5. Its tough yeah, because you need a lot of time. Goodluck tho!

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