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Admissions for Western and Fanshawe Nursing Program

Hi! I’m in my graduating year of high school and I want to go into nursing. I am wondering what the cutoffs were for last year and how competitive/hard it was to be accepted into the program. Thanks!

2 Answers

  1. You do realize the competitive averages for admission is posted on the university website for each respective program, right?

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  2. The overall program is pretty competitive. For the Fanshawe site, the average is around a 89/90 (But, the guy who came to talk to my school said that you should be fine with high 80s – you would just have to be patient). Then the main/western site is a little more competitive as you need a 90-93.

    Please keep in mind I am also a grade 12, so everything that I know is through random research – and I can’t actually know the exact averages.

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