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Acceptance Thread!

Congrats for you all guys hope you got to your first choice…Lets share some thoughts to anyone got accepted to any uni in any program hope you participate include:
Grade 11/12 averages:
the Uni and the program:
Date of acceptance: 
Programs you still waiting to hear from if you are:

 I will start me in the first comment.

Okay guys lets goo

6 Answers

  1. Average: 94 grade 11, same grade 12 94%Acceptances: life science mcmaster, health science at Western, and Ottawa Date : early Dec to Ottawa, during last two weeks of feb Mac and Western.Waiting for McGill life science and Mac health 

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  2. If you didn't know there is an admissions thread made with lots of replies…No point in making another. Here's the link:

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  3. Grade 11 average: 78%Grade 12 average: 90%Acceptances: Ottawa math and physicsDate: January 11th
    Still waiting to hear from UofT, UW, UWO, McGill and Queens

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  4. I just applied to University of Ottawa, and was wondering how long it takes to hear something back

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