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Acceptance Chances?

Hi, so I’m currently in grade 11 with these marks: eng3u = 86 , mcr3u = 87 , sch3u = 97 , sbi3u = 90, sph3u = 90, ics3u = 97, baf3m = 90 . Now, I’m not sure how much universities like Waterloo and uoft look at grade 11 marks but that averages to around 91. I’m looking at the following programs to apply in grade 12 next year, which ones do you think I should apply to if I get the somewhere around the following marks in grade 12: eng4u = 93 , sch4u = 94 , mhf4u = 95, mcv4u = 94, sph4u = 94, ics4u = 95, ses4u = 90. Averages out to about 94. So assuming I keep an average around 94 in grade 12 and have decent EC’s (co-op at CNL, sports, volunteering) do I have good chances in any of these programs? : electrical, computer or biomedical eng. at Waterloo engsci or trackone at uoft? Thanks

1 Answer

  1. Waterloo Engineering does not make early offers so your grade 11 marks are irrelevant. Only your grade 12 marks will matter. Once you hit the marks cut off it’s going to come down to your interview and AIF. I also don’t think that U of T Engineering makes early offers either and admissions will most likely also be based on your grade 12 marks alone. With a 94% you could probably get into Track One but it might be too low for EngSci. It’s all going to depend on the specific makeup of the relevant applicant pool when you apply.

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