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1st Year Co-op Management and International Business (BBA) AT UTSC, Ask me anything!

If you have any questions regarding the MIB program, or just the regular BBA at UTSC feel free to ask!

9 Answers

  1. Hi, what is the application process like for the bba co-op management program? I really would like to get in, but I read on their website that they accept about only 220 students a year and it must be competitive! What should I be doing to better my application? Also if I don't get into the co-op do I have to apply separately to get into the regular non coop management program?

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  2. How's UTSC Coop Management?? Talk about ur experiences because I applied there before but people told me not to go there, I'm rlly curious about the experience since I ended up going to Rotman which is cool but super competitive in terms of extracurricular activities.

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    • Co-op Management is a pretty good program. My specific program, Co-op Management and International Business is probably the best program at UTSC, as we get a domestic workterm, an international workterm (india,uk,germany,netherlands,kenya, australia… you name it), as well as an international study term. This differentiates us quite a bit in the job market. Compared to rotman, obviously utsg is a little better looking and what not, but the content in the programs is essentially the same. I have multiple professors who have or currently teach at rotman.  
      I am curious tho, do these "people" go to rotman or to other schools? Co-op Management is considered as an extremely good option as it provides you with plenty of experience beforehand

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    • I got advices from all sorts of ppl actually. It’s rlly coo, to work and study abroad which is something I plan to do throughout my 4 yrs at Rotman although it will be quite of a challenge due to the absence of coop. I guess the only advantage Rotman has over Coop Management is the amount of networking events and clubs they have. It feels more of an international program and maybe more good looking but I still have the same conclusion in which Coop Management is doing very well.

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  3. I want to ask about what kind of a BBA degree is and how it will help me out in the future while adopting any kind of professional. Moreover, I also want to know this link which provides writing tips and much more in a study case that which one institute will provide me a skillful degree with a high scope in this degree.

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