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I recently finished my semester 1 of grade 12. I’m interested in Engineering programs at Waterloo, UofT, Mcmaster, Queen’s, Western, and UOttawa. What do you think my chance at these school is like ? English4u: 91% Advanced Function: 93% Physics4u: 85% I will be ...Read more


Is anyone else applying to nursing programs after finishing a different undergraduate degree? I finished my BSc at Western this June, and I’m applying to nursing programs for Fall 2019. I’m a bit concerned because my cGPA is really low ...Read more


Hi, I am a current student residing in BC who is applying to UBC, Queens, Mcmaster, UWaterloo, Uottawa, SFU, and Western for Business-Commerce. (Not too sure about UofT yet..) My top choices are Queens and UBC Sauder! Mathematics has never ...Read more