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I got accepted in: McMaster University Automotive & Vehicle Engineering Technology (B.Tech.) (Co-op) University of Ontario Institute of Technology Mechatronics Engineering York University Engineering (BEng) (Co-op) Just wondering if people can give me their input on anyone these programs and universities. Especially Btech, how is it? Can ...Read more


Hi Everyone!SO, long story short, I graduated from Schulich in 2017 with a 5.6 GPA (sigh, had lots of trouble during my first two years). So far I’ve been working as a Senior at Sephora teaching and training, and just ...Read more


so i’m in grade 12 right now and i applied to the following:Western U: Nursing and Health Science Trent: Health Science (specializing in bio)UOIT:Nursing and Health Sciencei’m not going to lie my marks aren’t so great right now my mid terms ...Read more


hey ya’ll, this year i”ve been really struggling with my grades and im scared i wont be accepted into any programs i have applied to york – kinesiology utsc – psychological and health scienceuoit – health scienceryerson – nutrition and food and social ...Read more


Okay, so I am currently a senior in a high school located in Ontario. I want to get into a Game Development (something along those lines) program, and my preferred Universities are UOIT, Waterloo, U of T, Ryerson, Brock or ...Read more


I anticipate a top 6 average of mid-high 80″s. Is it too much to apply to all of these programs? I think I’m splitting the price with my parents… Western and Queen’s are my top choices, but I know that ...Read more