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So I’m a little confused on what to do for the Queens PSE part where it requires a “verifier” from the school to confirm the things on your PSE (job, volunteer, ecs etc), who would I choose to verify my ...Read more


Hello. I was one of the students who got waitlisted for Queen’s Health Science program. Just got an update recently. Sadly, was differed from their on-campus program however they offered their online program instead. Just want some opinions if their ...Read more


Hi, As suggested in the title. I’ve received offers from Queens Eng, McMaster Eng, and UofT CS. While researching these programs and hearing from my friend’s opinions, I have considered many of their Pros and Cons, but even then I still ...Read more


Hey, Class of 2019! We’re so close to being done high school! Vent about anything you’d like down below! Whether it be stress, anxiety, mental health, prom, graduation, moving out, anything on your mind, highlights, lowlights, university or college acceptances, ...Read more