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Science is a subject that I’ve always been really interested in and after taking a course called health care in grade 11 health science seems like something I wanna go into; however, I’ve heard and read over and over again ...Read more


Hello to everyone who has applied or is considering applying to the University of Waterloo’s Accounting and Financial Management program for the Fall of 2019!In this discussion, please post:– Grade Eleven Marks– Completed Grade Twelve Marks– Anticipated Grade Twelve Marks ...Read more


Grade 11 was by far my worst year academically and that’s due to laziness (i will admit) and some personal issues, but I want to apply for university and go away. I had a 60% average  in grade 11. My grades in ...Read more


Hi everyone, so my grade 12 marks were:English- 75Data management- 77Communication technology- 88Kineslogy- 80Law- 84Philosophy- 81Business.- 87–I was wondering if I could be able to still go to university, the program I want to go into is criminology and these ...Read more