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Hi prospective nursing students!! If y’all have ANY questions about the CASPer test, my good friend just made a video describing everything you need to know to succeed! We both go to McMaster University and know how you guys are ...Read more


Hi everyone, I just first wanna say that I’m new to uthink and I originally thought I could post things anonymously, but I guess not, so I made this random account. I just didn’t want anyone thinking that I wanted ...Read more


Sorry to disturb everyone in the midst of a global health crisis, but I was just wondering what the probability of a student with the following grade 11 marks has in getting accepted in mcmaster, uoft or uottawa etc. (Desired program ...Read more


Hi guys, someone I know from UBC declined their offer to Bachelor of sciences because they wanted to do their undergrad in a university in Ontario since all of the big universities are located there. The end goal is med school. Do ...Read more


With a 86-88% what would be the top programs to study mechatronics engineering? I also have asked universitys (via email)  such as western and they do recognize that it is harder to achieve higher grades in Alberta. As result, they ...Read more


With an admissions average of around 86-88% what are my chances of getting into mechanical engineering in University of Alberta, University of Calgary, University of Victoria, University of Ottawa, Mcmaster University, Western University, and Queen’s University? Btw I attend high ...Read more


My admission average will be around 86-88% and I was looking forward to pursue mechanical engineering in university. I also attend school in Alberta and was wondering if we still receive a average boost when applying to university outside of ...Read more