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I’m wondering what universities I have a good chance of getting accepted into. My current grade 12 top 6 with projected grades are: 1.English- 95 (Completed) 2.Advanced Functions- 90 3.Data Management- 88 4.International Business- 95 5. Calculus (Projected 92 ) 6.Any other course (Projected 90) Extra Curriculars: Student ...Read more


I am planning on trying for the following engineering programs at UofT, Waterloo, and McMaster: Eng Sci – UofTBiomedical Engineering – Waterloo Biomedical Engineering – McMaster The thing is, I don’t know if these programs are realistic taking into consideration my grades ...Read more


Hi everyone! I was sick in Grade 11 and part of Grade 12, and as a result, I had to take some time off/deal with some upsetting grades.  My illness was due to a mental health crisis consisting of a manic ...Read more