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I’m wondering what universities I have a good chance of getting accepted into. My current grade 12 top 6 with projected grades are: 1.English- 95 (Completed) 2.Advanced Functions- 90 3.Data Management- 88 4.International Business- 95 5. Calculus (Projected 92 ) 6.Any other course (Projected 90) Extra Curriculars: Student ...Read more


Hey there!I’ve applied to the DD program waterloo has and idk if my grades are going to be good enough to make the cut. My projected grades for this year go as follows:International Business : 95  Eng: 93  Functions: 86  Accounting: 93  Calculus: 93  Data: ...Read more


Hey everyone, excuse my bad English (it is my second language).  My current grade 12+13 marks are:  Advanced functions: 80 Chemistry: 85 English: 70 Business Leadership: 85 Physics: 85 Calculus: 90 International Business: 80 What are my chances of getting into UofG or Laurier Computer Science. Thanks in advance!


Based on my marks and ec’s what schools do i really have a chance of getting into. (Including AFM)  (Marks Projected at absolute lowest, most likely going to be a bit higher) Advanced Func. – 93 Calculus – 93 International business – 96+ English – ...Read more


Grade 12 student.  Midterm marks: Economics – 100% International business – 98% Advanced functions 99% Next Semester I have a financial securities course and accounting (hoping for a 95+ in both. Calculus – Don’t know if i’ll do very well, but it will not be ...Read more


Hi there y’all. Its application and acceptance season again! I remember this forum really helped me a lot when I was doing apps so I thought I would post one of these. I’m currently a student at Waterloo in the ...Read more


Hey Guys!I’m a first year at the UoG for Biomedical sciences. I remember that I was stressing at this time last year and a lot of people helped me with whatever questions I had. As a result, I would ...Read more


I was wondering what average I would possibly need to get into Computer science at UTM and Ryerson. UTM is Low to Mid 80s and Ryerson is 82-88. I have English, Advanced functions, Calculus, Computer Science, International Business and Physics. ...Read more