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I’m wondering what universities I have a good chance of getting accepted into. My current grade 12 top 6 with projected grades are: 1.English- 95 (Completed) 2.Advanced Functions- 90 3.Data Management- 88 4.International Business- 95 5. Calculus (Projected 92 ) 6.Any other course (Projected 90) Extra Curriculars: Student ...Read more


business 94% world issues 94% advanced functions 87% data man 90% IDC4U 91% English 96% calculus 96% EC – DECA president, internship in Dubai, work at scotiabank, treasurer of youth organization I also know Russian, Armenian, and Arabic Do I have a chance to get accepted into Schulich Ibba?


Current average for 1st sem  Advanced Functions 85  English 82 (EXPECTED to increase to a 85)  Business Leadership 90  Economics 85   + Decent Ec’s   AVRG 85.5, Im anticipating to work even harder next sem and bring my avrg to the 87-89 range Im applying to Ryerson, ...Read more


so i’m in grade 12 right now and i applied to the following: Western U: Nursing and Health Science  Trent: Health Science (specializing in bio) UOIT:Nursing and Health Science i’m not going to lie my marks aren’t so great right now my mid terms ...Read more


Hey everyone,  So I applied to Queens, Guelph, Ottawa, and Western for Computer Science. I did pretty bad in grade 11 so I am going for early acceptance. This semester I am taking physics, earth and space science, and personal fitness. ...Read more