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Hi, I’m a student in grade 12 who is deciding on what to do. Ever since the end of grade 12, I have been leaning towards business, but just found out how boring and repetitive it is, excluding the pay. ...Read more


This is what I’m planning on taking next year: English 12 French 12Histoire 12Chem 12Bio 12 Studio art 12 Social Justice 12 Precal 12 Art Foundations 12 This is what I took last year:French 11English 11Graphics 11Perspective Mondiale 11Chem 11 Physics 11Precal 11Science Humaine 11 I got an everage of ...Read more


I’m creating this (rather lengthy) post for those who are looking into architecture as their post-secondary pathway and who want to do their studies in Ontario. I noticed in researching architecture programs last summer that it is rather difficult to ...Read more


I would appreciate any feedback on the following programs for Sept 2018. I enjoy the creative arts including drawing, writing, media design. Like most I’m not sure what career I will eventually pursue so I want to be exposed to ...Read more