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Hey everyone, So I applied to Queens, Guelph, Ottawa, and Western for Computer Science. I did pretty bad in grade 11 so I am going for early acceptance. This semester I am taking physics, earth and space science, and personal fitness. ...Read more


Hey everyone, excuse my bad English (it is my second language). My current grade 12+13 marks are: Advanced functions: 80Chemistry: 85English: 70Business Leadership: 85Physics: 85Calculus: 90International Business: 80What are my chances of getting into UofG or Laurier Computer Science.Thanks in advance!


First Semester Computer Science: 89 Advanced Functions: 88 Religion: 85 Second Semester Calculus: ~ Accounting: ~ Financial Security: ~English : ~ I don’t have the best grades in the world and it’s quite bad to be honest. None of my courses that I’m currently taking are in the ...Read more