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What are some careers that are possible after obtaining a commerce degree? I was thinking of going into banking (investment) or becoming an analyst, law school after is also an option…. but what other careers can I pursue that pays ...Read more


Need a safety school for commerce in case the good ones like queens, u of t etc… don’t accept me. Is telfer commerce any good (U of O)? Since I hear many people who go to these lower tier schools ...Read more


Hello everyone!   I am currently in grade 12 debating between Queen’s Commerce and Laurier’s double degree of BBA and BSc. I’ve gotten into Queen’s, Schulich, and Laurier but took Schulich out of the equation because I personally didn’t really want to ...Read more


Hello! This is the official page for the McMaster IBH applicants for the Fall of 2019. The IBH students have created a Facebook Messenger group to answer any questions you may have about the program. Link: Best Regards and Good Luck ...Read more