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I’m wondering what universities I have a good chance of getting accepted into.My current grade 12 top 6 with projected grades are:1.English- 95 (Completed)2.Advanced Functions- 903.Data Management- 884.International Business- 955. Calculus (Projected 92 )6.Any other course (Projected 90)Extra Curriculars: Student ...Read more


Current average for 1st sem Advanced Functions 85 English 82 (EXPECTED to increase to a 85) Business Leadership 90 Economics 85  + Decent Ec’s  AVRG 85.5, Im anticipating to work even harder next sem and bring my avrg to the 87-89 range Im applying to Ryerson, ...Read more


Hey there!I’ve applied to the DD program waterloo has and idk if my grades are going to be good enough to make the cut. My projected grades for this year go as follows:International Business : 95 Eng: 93 Functions: 86 Accounting: 93 Calculus: 93 Data: ...Read more

t0mmulv98 because of archivedHi Everyone, I am a third year university student. I want to take this time to describe what high school students are getting into when they go to university. I hope that this is informative!  The definition ...Read more


First Semester Computer Science: 89 Advanced Functions: 88 Religion: 85 Second Semester Calculus: ~ Accounting: ~ Financial Security: ~English : ~ I don’t have the best grades in the world and it’s quite bad to be honest. None of my courses that I’m currently taking are in the ...Read more


Based on my marks and ec’s what schools do i really have a chance of getting into. (Including AFM) (Marks Projected at absolute lowest, most likely going to be a bit higher)Advanced Func. – 93Calculus – 93International business – 96+English – ...Read more