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Does anyone have any info about Laurier’s double degree program, “BBA Business Administration (WLU)” and “BCS Computer Science (Waterloo).” Whats the difference between taking this program from Laurier VS taking it from Waterloo? Is it that if you are in the ...Read more


Hey guys, sorry for creating another topic like this but I was worried if my activity report was sufficient for Schulich BBA, Queens Commerce, Rotman and Ivey. I am expecting an average of about 90-93 hopefully by 2nd semester mid-terms (92 ...Read more


I just got accepted for early admissions into Engineering at UofC. Engineering has an requirement of 80%, if i don’t meet that average at the end of the year does that mean i won’t get in? or do i automatically ...Read more


Have any of you started Rotman Personal Profile yet??? ok,,,, the essay has to be within 400 words… I’m choosing to answer “What extracurricular skills and experience will you bring to Rotman Commerce?”.. but I have no idea how to ...Read more