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Hey I am in grade 12 going into Uni. I have a 89 average currently. I was debating on which school I should go to, UTSC (Management and finance or Ryerson (TRSM) for accounting and finance. COOP is important for ...Read more


I’ll be attending Laurier for the upcoming winter semester but want to join Waterloo in the fall. Do I still have a good chance of getting into uw after attending Laurier for a semester? I’m going into Laurier for economics ...Read more


With an admissions average of around 86-88% what are my chances of getting into mechanical engineering in University of Alberta, University of Calgary, University of Victoria, University of Ottawa, Mcmaster University, Western University, and Queen’s University? Btw I attend high ...Read more


My admission average will be around 86-88% and I was looking forward to pursue mechanical engineering in university. I also attend school in Alberta and was wondering if we still receive a average boost when applying to university outside of ...Read more


Hello, I am a grade 11 student. My marks have always been decent (85 +) in most courses. However I made a stupid mistake and took university chemistry and math. I have around a 50 in both of those courses, ...Read more