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Looking at admissions websites for business schools it seems that Smith offers commerce while Ivey does not and offers Honors business administration, what is the difference with a degree in commerce and a degree in business administration?


So I’m a little confused on what to do for the Queens PSE part where it requires a “verifier” from the school to confirm the things on your PSE (job, volunteer, ecs etc), who would I choose to verify my ...Read more


Just wondering how much money a career in business can yield if you go to a good program (Ivey, Queens, Rotman etc..) and are interested in going into finance…. since I have heard that some people as an analyst may ...Read more


I heard that McGills commerce program has a cutoff of 95%…. which is really hard to believe since thats a really insane grade, is this a correct number or do people with 92s or 93s also get in? and if ...Read more


Hi, I really want to become a high school biology and chemistry teacher! I was thinking to apply to York’s concurrent education, but what i am confused about is how it works. I understand that you are completing your education ...Read more


(Going to start Grade 12 in September 2019) My grade 11 marks: Functions: 80% Biology: 87% Chemistry: 86% Physics: 83% English: 82% ICS: 84% Computer Engineering: 85% Accounting: 91% (Top 6 grade 11 u/M courses average ~ 85%) If I manage to bring my top 6 average to about a 90-93% in grade 12, would I have a ...Read more


What are some careers that are possible after obtaining a commerce degree? I was thinking of going into banking (investment) or becoming an analyst, law school after is also an option…. but what other careers can I pursue that pays ...Read more